What's GaN and why do you need it?

Gallium nitride, or GaN, is a material that's starting to be used for semiconductors in chargers. It was used to make LEDs starting in the '90s, and it's also a popular material for solar cell arrays on satellites. The main thing about GaN when it comes to chargers is that it produces less heat. Less heat means components can be closer together, so a charger can be smaller than ever before—while maintaining all the power capabilities and safety standards.

Benefits of GaN Chargers

Faster and More Efficient Charging

One of the biggest benefits of GaN chargers is they’re faster and more efficient. They can charge devices up to three times faster than standard chargers. And because they’re more efficient, they don’t waste a lot of energy.

Smaller in Size

GaN chargers are also smaller in size and portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go because they’re easier to carry around. No more bulky chargers taking up space in your bag! They also take up less space on your desk or nightstand.

Cooler and Safer Charging

Another big benefit of GaN chargers is that they’re cooler and safer to use. Ordinary chargers can get hot when in use, which can be dangerous. But GaN chargers stay cool even when they’re charging devices at high speeds. Plus they’re built with safety features that prevent devices from overcharging.